The Studio

Our boutique studio is a bright, energising space suited to classes, small groups, and private sessions.

Our small classes mean you receive focused, individual attention. Most importantly, we help you feel fit, confident, and strong. And we have fun!

  • 9 Pilates reformers and 8 Pilates mats
  • Wunda chair, ladder barrel
  • Weighted balls, magic circles, balance boards, foam rollers, dumbbells
  • Changing rooms available
  • Lift for those with injuries or prams
  • Water and towels provided

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The Classes

Pilates focus is on alignment, a strong core, and precise, controlled, flowing movements.

Pilates is a remarkable fitness method developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century. 

Pilates is empowering. It increases body awareness and demands mental strength, patience, and concentration. It teaches you to be in tune with your body’s strengths and weaknesses, which can change daily. 

Our classes utilise pilates principles fused with intense strength and flexibility training. Clients challenge themselves as much or as little as they feel on the day, and our instructors inspire and encourage our clients to do their best.